The best collection of Charms and Beads for Pandora bracelets, Chamilia bracelets, Charmed Memories bracelets and many other European style charm bracelets.

In each and every category, we list the best beads and charms all in one place.  Compare the Pandora brand with Chamilia and other brands.  The truth about these bracelets is that most charms from each brand fit on the bracelets of the other brands.

The key brands in the European bracelet market are Pandora, Charmed Memories, Chamilia, Zable, Trollbeads, Biagi, Persona and Reflections.  Each of these companies offers charms and beads for their bracelets.   If you have one of these bracelets, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO CHARMS AND BEADS FROM THAT  BRAND.

These bracelets are about representing who someone is.    The vast amount of charms and beads available for these bracelets are designed to represent any part of  the wearers life.  If you have children then you will fill your bracelet with the pride they bring you.  He plays baseball, that's a charm.  A baseball charms, a baseball glove bead, a a baseball diamond charm, the team colors beads a baseball cap charm.  She is a cheerleader, there is a charm for that.


There are charms for places you have traveled and things you have seen from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty.  You can find charms representing every hobby known to man.  Gambling charms and card charms.  If you like shoes, there are high heel charms.

No matter what team you support from college to the pro's, there are team charms and beads for you to add to your bracelet.    What about pets?  There are cats and dogs by the bread and birds, turtles frogs and fish.  Any animal you could want.

Graduation charms and religious charms are out there.  Birthstone charms and Zodiac sign charms.  All of these and thousands more.

These charms are how she shows the world who she is.  These charms and beads tell her story.  So tell your story or help someone tell theirs.  There is something for everyone in the collections of charms and beads found on this sight.